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Your Dog Collar Stories

Do you have a dog collar accident story that you would like to share?

If so, please write, email or telephone us in your own words the details of what happened.   Your experiences are important in helping to track the type and frequency of dog collar accidents and helping to educate others about collar safety for their dogs.

Send Us YOUR Dog Collar Story
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Your Dog Collar Stories...

   "I had no idea of the dangers of a dog collar. I lost my beautiful one-and-a-half-year-old Golden Retriever, Hannah, when she strangled to death on her training collar. She was wrestling with another Golden Retriever indoors with adult supervision. The other dog's lower jaw became twisted in Hannah's training collar. The collar twisted so quickly and tightly that no one could pull it off in time and Hannah died instantly. Please make every dog lover and owner aware of this danger. I wish that I would have known about break away collars before this happened."

Rachel I. -- Chicago, IL

   "On two occasions, 15 years apart and with different dogs, my German Shepherd and Austalian Shepherd mixes were playing. One time a canine tooth got stuck in a buckle collar hole. The other time the buckle collar twisted around the puppies lower jaw. I will always be thankful I was home and ws able to cut one collar with a knife (the dog was nearly unconscious or I couldn't have and was gushing blood, from luckily only a cut tongue.) The second time, two years ago, my sister was able to yank the one dog while I yanked the other dog free. Luckily there was no serious injury."

P.G. -- Piedmont, CA

   "I was driving down the road in my car, only to see this dog in the back of this guy's truck driving down the road, and the dog was not in a crate, or even tied down. Well, I suppose because this guy had cattle racks around the edges, I guess he figured his dog was safe. But this poor dog's collar got snagged on these bars somehow, and the owner didn't notice. Then the dog started freaking out, flipping around and in circles, then the next thing I knew, this dog managed to jump right through the middle of the bars and was literally hanging himself on the outside of this guys truck. The owner still hadn't noticed his poor dog hanging as he's driving down the road, so I start honking intensly as did alot of other people. Finally, this guy did stop and go out to get the dog undone. When they finally got it undone the dog was lifeless. Well sadly, enough, the dog had broken his neck and was dead."

K. B. -- Roy, Utah

   "My wife arrived first and thought our two rottie pups were just playing. To our horror, we found that the female somehow got the male's collar twisted around her jaw and it was strangling the male. The collar was twisted so tight that I could not find the clasp quickly enough to release it. When I did, the male fell to the floor. He was not breathing and had no heartbeat. I took his head in my lap and began breathing through his nose. After about two minutes, I felt a breath from his nostrils and his heart started beating. Balou is fine now; however, nobody should have to go through such a horrifying experience. I look forward to recieving our new Breakaway Collars!"

R.S. -- Phoenix, AZ

   "A couple weeks ago, our two dogs were playing as we got ready to sit down to dinner. All of a sudden the playful noises stopped, and this snarling, squealing racket erupted. We ran around the corner and saw both dogs tied together. Our older dog's teeth had gotten stuck in the puppy's collar. They were both wearing nylon quick-release collars, and during play it had gotten stuck. We kept trying to get her collar off, but with all the pressure and both dogs thrashing around, it was very difficult. Finally we were able to release the collar, but not before my husband had received a couple of accidental bites. We feel lucky. Now they wear the Breakaway Collar, and I tell as many people as I can about what happened."

J.L. -- Parker, CO.

   "Years ago, I had two labs. One about 1 year old and 90+ lbs. The other about 4 mos. old & about 30 lbs. The bigger dog's lower jaw got twisted in the younger dog's collar while they were playing, twisting the collar tight on the younger dog. The older dog began making terrible noises. To my horror, the younger dog was passed out, his eyes rolled back in his head. I couldn't get the collar untwisted nor opened up. I picked up and carried 120 lbs. of dogs into my house to get scissors to cut the collars off. When I dropped the two dogs on the floor, it loosened the collars, and the younger dog came free!! Now that I have found these wonderful breakaway collars, they are on all my dogs and on many of my friends' dogs. Thank you to the Chinook Co. for saving some K9 lives! "

Cath J.P. -- Hemet, CA.

   "When Araela was a puppy, she loved to pull on our shepherd Odin's collar. Somehow she got his collar twisted around her bottom jaw -- she screamed so loud! He was growling because he got scared too, and I couldn't get the collar off him at first. It was seconds but seemed liked an eternity. He growled as if he were going to attack her in his frightened state. What would have happened had I not been at home? Since then, if they wear a collar at all it's a Premier KeepSafe Break-Away Collar."

Sue D. -- Warwick, NY

   "I recently adopted a rescue Collie who is a relentless collar puller. She grabs my other dog's collar and pulls hard. A friend of mine lost a dog when Dog #1 caught its canine tooth in Dog #2's collar buckle. Dog #2 threw herself so violently trying to break free that she broke her neck in front of her horrified owner."

R.A. -- Cali Mesa, CA

   "I have had dogs for many years -- 44 to be exact. I have been to trainers and paid them 100's of dollars to train me to take care of my dog. Never did they mention that collars can be dangerous. I see it clearly now. What can I say: you must pay to become educated. Why Millie had to pay with her life is beyond me. I had been told about the break-away collar by my vet the morning that I took Millie and Shadow to his office to find out what happened. Millie was dead and Shadow's lower jaw and throat were edematous. I wish he would have told me two weeks sooner. I wish I wish..."

Scott B. -- Reading, PA.

   "One day, our shep/lab mix Kurtie was behind the garage where I could not see him. He jumped on the fence, caught his collar and could not free himself. Luckily, Kurtie's friends happened to be approaching and the man helped him. He had to slip Kurtie's collar off him, as all his weight (73 lbs) was hanging from the collar, and he was wiggling. Kurtie never would have been able to get loose on his own. I was thrilled to see your ad for the break-away collar...Thanks for this great product. I will share it with all the dog owners I know."

Lynne J. -- Madison Heights, MI

   (Taken from the Sumner County Times, Florida) A Sumner County, Florida couple lost their beloved champion Anatolian Shepard, Khara, in what we might think of as a freak accident. While playing outside, Khara's collar got caught and horribly twisted in their one-year-old puppy's teeth and jaw. As Khara's owner tried to free them, the couple heard the gurgles of her last breath. It is a nightmare they relive daily and that will haunt them forever. The stories they heard made them realize this was not a freak accident. "If we had known about the dangers of collars, Khara would still be with us today."

Holly B. -- FL

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