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Product Information

We are thrilled to have Premier Pet Products, Inc. as our manufacturer and marketing partner for the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar. Premier Pet Products is well known as a leader in top quality products for humane training, and helping pets to be safe and happy. Premier's extensive product line has obtained recognition and acclaim throughout the industry. We believe the people at Premier are the best in the business and it is a privilege and honor to be part of their team.

Collar detail, large

Collar detail


Our collars and leashes are made with superior quality components and workmanship. The Break-Away clip is proudly made in the USA.
Attention to quality is always a priority. Each of the KeepSafe Break-Away Collars is designed with a patented break-away safety clip, high quality nylon webbing, two brass plated D rings, a brass plated sliding size adjustment, and a superior quality quick release buckle.

Breaking Strength

We have been involved with break-away technology since 1996. Break-away technology in its application to animals is not an exact science. As applied to a living animal under uncontrollable field conditions the variances are unlimited.

Relative to the vast diversity of size, confirmation, weight, strength, age, and activity level of the dog population combined with the unpredictable ways in which a collar can become caught, there is no formula that can be used to calculate appropriate breaking strength that would be realistic or accurate.

We developed our current breaking strengths for the collars through laboratory and extensive field test evaluations. We distributed hundreds of collars to veterinarians, trainers and breeders for evaluation on different size dogs. Through these evaluations we were able to determine what breaking strengths were too strong and what were too weak.

Compared to conventional dog collars which are designed not to break, our safety collars are designed to release under pressure under most circumstances. We error on the side of safety in that the collars release more easily than not.

The breaking strength will vary depending on how pressure is applied to the collar. For example, if pressure is applied in-line, at an angle or twisted, the strength will vary. The breaking strength is lowest when it is pulled apart "in-line". For these reasons we do not give specific pounds of pressure breaking strengths for the collars.

Directions For Use

1. For putting the collar on and off use the side squeeze (quick release) buckle provided on the collar. The break-away clip is designed for emergency release only.

2. Adjust size for correct fit by moving the metal slide on the collar. The collar should fit comfortably snug. Allow one to two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck.

3. To walk your dog on a leash, simply snap leash into BOTH D-rings. (See Diagram) This overrides the break-away safety clip. To re-activate, remove leash and inspect the Safety Clip to ensure proper connection. It is incorrect and unsafe to hook your leash to only one D ring for the collar will release when pulled.

4. Attach your dog's identification tags to one D-ring only. Tags may also be attached to the metal slide adjustment.

5. When necessary to hold the dog by the collar, grasp over the break-away clip area to help prevent the collar from releasing. To restrain the dog it is preferable to snap a leash into both D-rings.

6. DO NOT use for tie-out. This is a break-away safety collar for dogs that are NOT TIED.

Your Guarantee

It is our heartfelt commitment that the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar be a high quality choice for safety and peace of mind for dog owners. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your collar, let us know and we will promptly exchange the item or refund the purchase price.


Chinook & Co., LLC does not assume responsibility for suitability as to application of load bearing strength: or for damage, injury or defect caused by misuse, alteration or repair by others.

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