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Dear Dog Lover:

The night before my beloved dog Chinook was killed, I petted his large neck and wondered about how safe his collar was. The next day, Chinook, a glorious Samoyed and Australian Shepherd cross, was strangled by his collar. Pictured here in the photograph, he is wearing the collar that killed him. The collar became caught and twisted and I wasn't there to save him. The collar I put on him to keep him safe instead took his life. His death was senseless and devastating.

I wasn't alone in my loss. Sadly, every year countless dogs are strangled or injured by their collars.

Driven by grief and motivated by repeated stories of similar collar deaths, I began an impassioned quest to help prevent such tragedies. In the years following Chinook's death, with the help of experts in their field, I developed and patented the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar; a collar designed to help save dog's lives. The collar protects a dog when he's in the backyard, playing with other dogs or in the woods and fields.

Tenney and Chinook
Tenney Mudge, Founder, with her beloved Chinook


Our small but uniquely dedicated company, Chinook & Co., was founded in 1996. It is our commitment that the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar provides a high quality choice for safety and important peace of mind for dog owners. We have heard from thousands of dog owners in every state and several foreign countries. We have received thousands of reports of strangulation accidents or very close calls. People often describe it as one of the most terrifying experiences they have ever had.

Thank you for your support and interest in dog collar safety for your dogs. The collar is dedicated to the memory Chinook and all the dogs that have lost their lives in collar strangulation accidents.

Most sincerely,

Tenney Mudge
Chinook & Co., LLC

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